It IS easy bein’ green – A quickie primer to the color of 2013

Okay, I’ll admit it – I’ve never really been a big fan of green. I’ve generally preferred to keep my green in plants and dollars… LOVE it on the outside, complete with woods and lakes, on the inside, well, not so much. Swarovski got me, though, with their latest entry, Fern Green. A crisp, cool, vibrant shade, Fern really turned me around, and just in time, too, considering that 2013 is, according to worldwide color authority Pantone, the year of the green.Beyoncé made it official at the inauguration with her stunning Lorraine Schwartz emerald clips!Beyonce

Fern seems to have unlocked the color chords. Standby classics Emerald and Peridot have new life when Fern is added. More recent additions Erinite and Chrysolite round out a perfect five note phrase. The missing color has come home. Like a pinch of salt brings out the sweetness, Fern has brought out the beauty and depth in Swarovski’s verde catalogue.

Let’s take a look at these various shades and their applications, and how they might work in your wardrobe:

Fern Green, the big kahuna in my book. When Pantone released their “color of the year”, (Pantone # 17-6541) the actual shade is closest to Fern, despite their naming it “emerald”. Crisp and clear, not too dark, not too bright, not too yellow, not too blue, truly a perfect green. Alone, Fern should work well on all but the sallowest complexions. Unless you have an olive-y or ashy undertone, wear Fern with abandon! Luckily, Swarovski has made a serious commitment to their new baby, releasing it in all the basics, and many of the so-called “fancy” cuts that make up many of my couture designs. I can play with this one! I also predict that this will become a favorite for gown stoning, wherever real Swarovski crystal is used. As an exclusive Swarovski shade, it will be interesting to see what happens with some of the cheaper knock off stones that frequently show up on so many gowns these days.


NICKI, from Stefanie Somers Couture; please inquire

Emerald… This is the deepest, darkest, most forest green in the range. Rich and quite similar to the gemstone whose name it bears, this is a great crystal shade for look-of-real designs. As one of Swarovski’s oldest shades, it can be a bit left behind at times when colors are being assigned for new cuts, though, so sometimes the newest and coolest shapes can’t be had in beautiful Emerald. As a basic gemstone color though, there’s little chance of it being dropped from the library altogether. For you May birthdays, this is your stone!


KIRIN, now available from SS Collection as well as from Couture. Shown in Lush

Peridot, August’s crystal, is another of the shades that’s been in the lineup for many years. A clear, bright green, it often gets lucky and is assigned to newer cuts, unlike it’s darker cousin. Together with Emerald and Fern,
Peridot tops out a lovely three note color chord that will serve many green ensembles quite well, and almost any green print.

There are a few more “supporting actors” in the green repertoire… Chrysolite, a pale, crisp shade that’s gorgeous with any of the big three; Olivene, a rich slightly yellow, well, olive green! Much prettier than it sounds, it makes a beautiful unexpected partner with purples and blues! Played with the other greens though, it can have a bit of a camo look, and it’s a tough shade for most of us to wear near the face. Erinite is an interesting shade. A medium green with just a hint of blue, and just a touch greyed out. A fairly easy to wear color, without a lot of yellow, but sadly, not overly available from Swarovski.

PETRA_Lush_SITE copy

The new PETRA design, coming soon!

You may come across a few bit players as well if you look carefully: Palace Green Opal (a medium green, with a non-sparklyopalescent finish), Sage (a very grey, pale almost-green), and Mint Alabaster (a marble-like pastel) we don’t use a lot of these last three at SSC – not enough sparkle for us! – but these shades can be just the ticket to some great summer and suit looks, so always feel free to ask about them!

Our green palettes – Lush, Fern, Forest and Fatigue – build upon these colors in various combination with some neutrals to bring out the feel of almost any green themed outfit you can throw at us. Visit our COLORS page to take a look at these and more of our exclusive color palettes. We know that color is not only what it’s all about, it’s also one of the toughest things to navigate when you’re thinking about custom jewelry. Our palettes make it much simpler, and give you a great jumping off place to visualize your new piece!

LYNNE_Lush_SITE copy

Fabulous Couture “LYNNE” bangle from SSC, in the Lush palette

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