I Love Technology

Technology. I love technology. A lot. I’ve been waiting for the iPad since since Captain Kirk signed orders on something looking suspiciously like it came out of Cupertino. (I won’t say whether that was in re-runs or not) I just know that’s where Steve got the idea.

Now, thanks to my finally here, and already upgraded iPad, I have all my (photos, music, schedules, contacts, books…) in my hand. I no longer have teetering stacks of magazines taking up space and collecting dust all around the bed… NextIssue (aka The Most Wonderful App In The World) delivers a newsstand full of magazinely delights to my tablet almost daily – for one flat fee. Without recycling. Magazine junkie heaven. I’m (almost) organized…. I can get on a plane without lugging 15 pounds of paper with me! I’m not at the mercy of the in-flight movie, or what I remembered to stick in my bag – it’s all there for the reading/listening/watching. Plus, I’m always armed with a (fabulous) camera. Thanks to current tracking technology, I’ve watched the progress of my spanking new iPhone 5 from China through Incheon, Korea, to Anchorage Alaska, to Louisville, Kentucky, and on to Houston, just waiting for it to drop into my waiting hands “by end of day” tomorrow.

I can’t wait.

Twenty years ago, when email and the internet was in its infancy, I could not have done what I do now. I get photos and sketches in every day, from all over the world. I match color and line, all in digital form, without ever feeling the hand of the fabric or the weight of the hem. I gauge the build of the client, pour over the pictures and measurements, send more photos and ideas back and forth, all in a frenzy of bits and bytes racing along fibre optic lines, across town or across the continent. Decisions are made without ever having a face-to-face, yet I feel well acquainted and totally equipped, all because of this fabulous technology – technology that anyone under the age of 40 takes pretty much for granted, and anyone under 25 can’t conceive of living without.

The Hilton Space Station from 2001: A Space Odyssey

I am, however, still waiting (rather impatiently) for the flying cars and Hilton space station I was promised way back when. Virgin Atlantic -or rather, Virgin Galactic – is trying their best to bring us those promised commercial shuttle flights, but I don’t see Marriott staking out orbits any time soon. I’m beginning to wonder if that particular category of my bucket list will ever get checked off.

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShip Two

So here’s to tech, with all its frustrations, foibles and curse-inducing neuroses. Without it, I couldn’t design the perfect earring for that favorite client 2,000 miles away, watch my pick of Captains Kirk, Picard, or Archer any time the mood strikes, or spy on my shiny new iPhone as it winds its way home to me. Even if it’s not moving as fast as I’d (sometimes) like, it’s changed my world in ways my kids can’t quite get. Like this blog…

One Response to “I Love Technology”

  1. “I Love Technology Stefanie Somers Couture” was a marvelous article,
    cannot help but wait to read much more of your blogs.

    Time to squander a little time on-line lol. Thank you ,Brooke

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