Its 3 a.m….

Coming into the homestretch on Miss USA, and geez, I’m tired! I see crystals when I close my eyes! Dancing in front of me, teasing me…. running towards me, then leaping away, just out of my grasp… Or was that the box I spilled a little while ago….? I know they rolled under there somewhere…..

I had a deja-vu a bit ago, a flashback to when I’d only been making jewelry for a little while. I was in my teens, and it was the 70’s…. ouch. When did all that time disappear? There I was, sitting at a similar table – although not nearly as well equipped or supplied – and the sun was rising, as it will be in a couple of hours again. I was tired then, just as I’m exhausted now. Somehow I’ve always been good under pressure, and in some odd way, thrived on it. Suppose some things are constant, huh?

I remember that early morning so clearly, facing the window in my first apartment, working away with the semi-precious treasures I started this adventure with. Tigereye was fading rapidly into Malachite, and Onyx was looking an awful lot like Rose Quartz. Meanwhile, back in the here-and-now, I just made three left earrings! Yup. Some things never change. Goofy is as goofy does 🙂

Did I mention that I truly love what I do? I must, to keep these hours! Even with a hiatus of more than ten years after I first began, jewelry summoned me back to its creative grasp a long time ago. I’m so thankful to be able to spend my time being creative at something I dearly love, and even more thankful that I was somehow pulled into the pageant vortex – it’s quite a way here from the ballroom. I feel so honored to be able to contribute to a most important experience for these wonderful young ladies.

I remember the feeling of a spotlight on me, the performance rush, the incredible adrenaline. And the applause. Those are good memories. Now, I get to add the finishing touches to these young ladies as new spotlights are etched into their memories. Soak in every second, ladies. Don’t let a single second escape you. Experience and memory are the greatest treasures.

Back to work….

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