Trend? Fad? Classic?

So….. What’s in? What’s OUT! What’s hot? What’s coming?

Hoops. Still hot – big hoops, dangly hoops, multiple hoops, little hoops, hoops in colors hoops in neutrals. This basic has blasted into a huge category – and there’s a style that works for every face, every outfit. One caveat: If you’re ears aren’t sleekly attached to the rest of your, avoid through-the-ear styles…. they’ll accentuate that angle, Not good. Go for a dangling hoop instead!

Linear. Stiletto. Skinny. The fashion magazine just love to come up with zingy names to confuse us about a very simple idea. Linear earrings, or whatever you call them are, very simply, a quick drop (pardon the pun….) from point A to point B. From your earlobe down…. as long as you want. They’re not absolutely, positively strictly a single piece, or strand, but they DO go straight down. No flaring at the bottom, no digressing with twists and turns. Down they go. As simple as a piece of chain, as complex as  a gourmet spread of beads and colors…. but down they go. They’ve always been around, but never had  their own name until recently. And of course… they’re CLASSIC.

Chandeliers… a few years ago they were all the rage, then this cool shape did a bit of a vanishing act. Guess what? They’re ba-ack!!!! Truth is, they never really went away; they just went through a bit of a metamorphosis. So, what exactly is a chandelier, anyway?

Of course, the name came from exactly where you think – those big wonderful glittery ceiling baubles found in proper ballroom everywhere, and frequently used to great advantage in mystery tales (you know… the huge chandelier comes crashing down and pins the bad guy into helplessness…. fade to credits…) And of course, most of those babies start really little at the top, spread out w-i-d-e, and have LOTS of drippy stuff hanging about.

Bingo. The “classic” chandelier. I sometimes think that the term “chandelier” as applied to earring design has come to mean any big, drippy style, regardless of it’s architecture. That sometimes can make for miscommunications… Sometimes “I really want a chandelier!” actually means, “I really want a big, drippy earring!”

EarringShapesHere’s some illustrative examples….

On the left is a classic, architectural chandelier…. Small at the top (whether it be a cluster, a button, or a post or wire), widening quickly into a sort of pie slice shape. On the right, is a “Multi-Drop” – a style that a lot of folks also mistakenly call a chandelier. It lacks the triangular shape, and also the structural foundation that widens it, and maintains it’s shape. It’s a looser, somewhat less severe, shape.

So which one is classic, which one is trend, which is in, which is out? Both. Neither. All of the above. Thankfully fashion has evolved to the point where not only does your skirt no longer have to be so many inches above or below your knee, but your ears can wear whatever flatters them, and tickles you!

There are of course some considerations to take into account when determining what will look best on you, and work best with your outfit, but that’s another post. For now, let’s say that it’s all good…. and that it does help if we’re all speaking the same language!

So… Chandeliers are hot. Linear designs are hot. Hoops are hot. Multi-Drops are hot. Unexpected combinations are hot! The biggest trend, and the best classic fashion statement – as always – is UNIQUE. Remember…. YOU are the work of art. Your jewelry – especially your earrings – are the frame.

What about color? What’s hot there, what looks good, what to avoid, what’s coming?

Next time…. next time I’ll give you my take on color today!

Don’t forget to sparkle!!!!

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