New Colors from SWAROVSKI!

Of course, they’ve done it again, and they done REAL good on this one.

The master crystal makers announced two incredible new colors this week –

Crystal Red Magma and Air Blue Opal, plus a gorgeous new Crystal Pearl shade – PLATINUM.

Crystal Red Magma is a a crystal effect, meaning it is a coloration applied over clear crystal.  The name is perfect: Crystal Red Magma is the vibrant, hot color of molten lava. Shipping to us in early  March, we will have this new color available right away for many of our lines, from *trifles to COUTURE.

Crystal Red Magma

Crystal Red Magma

Air Blue Opal is a new addition to the opal collection of soft, rich, shimmery colors that go as well with jeans as cocktail. We’re looking to mix it with all the blue shades from Aqua to Dark Indigo for yummy custom palettes.

Air Blue Opal

Air Blue Opal

To check out all the incredible Swarovski shades, go to our amazing  COLOR CHARTS!

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