Happy Holidays – Welcome to our new blog!

As I’m typing this, it is still Christmas, 2008 – about 3 hours to go until this year’s holiday becomes “last Christmas”. It’s just under the wire for getting this new project off the ground by the end of the year, but it looks like I might make it.

2008 has been a tumultuous year for all of us, by any standards. Many of us were slapped by a hurricane, all of us have been rocked by Wall Street. It even snowed a week or so ago here in Houston… Then today – Christmas – it was a beautiful 70 degrees. For me personally, it’s been the first year since my mom passed away last October. Definitely a most unusual year; much of it, unfortunately, not “the best of times”.

Lots of good changes on the horizon – our brand new e-commerce site went live this month, and we have a new line shipping in January. Swarovski will have new & exciting toys for us to play with in February, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Our website will soon be undergoing a major overhaul, and it’s long overdue! With the addition of the e-commerce site, and now our new blog, we have more ways than ever to keep our clients and friends updated on what’s happening. We’re looking forward to a full and exciting 2009!

As usual, we’re winding this year down by preparing new designs for the wonderful young ladies working with us for the Miss America Pageant next month. We have some very cool new pieces debuting, and I’ll be showing them off here first.  Details to come, but I gotta beat the clock to midnight here, so I’ll be quick…

To all of you, our friends, & our wonderful clients, both new and “veteran” – I thank you for choosing us. To the fabulous state directors we work with in the Miss USA and Miss America systems – thank you for letting us be part of your team. To our friends in the media, heartfelt gratitude for supporting us in our endeavors. To the incredible young woman we will be working with in the coming year… the best is yet to come! To everyone, my wishes for a happy and healthy New Year, and hopefully some smoother sailing ahead for all of us.

See y’all next year!

I miss you, mom.


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